A Hacker in our Midst

A Hacker in Our Midst


The person for whom this post was written already knows what to expect by way of content from this post. He (the “prime reader”) also knows why I have written this post. The rest of you will just have to keep reading. 🙂


I maintain a number of web sites for a number of people. In the distant past, I set up a web site for the Morangup Progress Association, but it never came to very much, this due in large part to Morangup being in a backwater of the state of Western Australia, otherwise known as WA, or the state of Wait Awhile. It nevertheless pleased me to maintain this web site at my own expense in the expectation that it might some day be useful to members of the local community.

As it happened, somebody else set up a rival web site for the Progress Association, but I was unconcerned. The control of that web site was passed before very long to the prime reader. He then attempted to steal my credentials to my original web site from my web host.

Now for a bit more background. My web host knows that I administer the web sites of some of their other clients, and so the trust relationship is well established.

My web host alerted me to the attempt to access my credentials, and I informed them that the prime reader was not authorised to have those credentials. To put it on more general terms, this would be the same as complete stranger walking into your bank, and demanding the PIN for your credit and/or debit card.

In short, the prime reader had behaved unethically, and appeared to be preparing to commit an illegal act. I question the morality of even contemplating performing such acts.


The prime reader has a large digital footprint. One of his main interests is web design. I have one piece of advice to give him:

If you continue to behave in such an unethical fashion, all the web designers and their clients in this area will get to know about it.

Phil Hart

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